We would like to help you get the most out of storage solutions and functionality for your wardrobes.
With a variety of styles and interior fittings or merely cleverly-executed design, your wardrobe can house your vast clothes and shoe collection.


Free Standing

The most basic and traditional type is the free standing wardrobe. This type is found almost in every house hold as they are easy to move around. The only drawback of a free standing wardrobe is that it consumes room space for easy operation of doors. Free standing wardrobes are available in metal, wood and plastic.


Wall Mounted

People are bidding goodbye to traditional free standing wardrobes and are opting more for wall mounted ones. The primary reason behind this is space. As compared to the traditional ones, they use less space as they are wall mounted and offer a graceful look to any room. Wall mounted or built-in wardrobes can be huge as well as small.


Sliding Door

Though old-fashioned, sliding door modular wardrobes are great space savers as the doors don’t require any extra space to open up. Sliding door wardrobes offer you extra storage space as they are usually built floor to ceiling. This construction technique lets you use the space above the hanging area to store seasonal stuff like blankets, boxed boots and more.

Wardrobe cupboard

Walk-in Wardrobes

Every female dreams of having a walk-in wardrobe. They love shopping and secretly wish to display everything at one place in an organised manner. Walk-in wardrobes add a touch of luxury and are rarely found. Any unused room can easily be converted in a walk-in wardrobe.